A film by Philippe Torreton and Camille Juza

Running Time: 52'

/ Format: HD

/ Available versions: FR

Based on Philippe Torreton’s book, Grandma (Mémé) is the portrait of a humble grandmother from the countryside, wearing a smock and using age-old gestures. A grandma that millions of French children have visited during their summer breaks. A grandma who is both unique and universal, portrayed through the eyes and memories of the actor, who tells the story of a time when France left its rural heritage behind and entered the urban and fast-paced consumer society. Carried by the narrative and the voice of the actor, using archives from the 1940s to the 1970s, Grandma is a visual journey that revisits this turning point in history, questioning the cost of this great shift into modernity.

Photo ©Collection Caliez, Cinéam

A film by Camille Juza and Philippe Torreton
Directed by Camille Juza
Narrated by Philippe Torreton
Produced by Anne Schuchman-Kune and Nathalie de Mareuil
Adapted from the book “Mémé” by Philippe Torreton © L’Iconoclaste, 2014

A co-production by Compagnie des Phares et Balises & Schuch Productions
With the participation of France Télévisions, Procirep – Société des producteurs, Angoa
And of the CNC
Distribution: CLPB Rights

© Cie des Phares & Balises – Schuch Productions, 2023