Directed by Judith Godrèche

Running Time: 6x30'

/ Format: HD

/ Available versions: FR | EN

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The comeback of a French actress, after a long self-imposed exile in Los Angeles, proves more complicated than expected. Judith Godrèche plays her fictional alter ego in this whimsically funny series, allowing her to give a frank account of dark realities.

Directed by Judith Godrèche
Written by Judith Godrèche
With Judith Godrèche, Tess Barthélemy, Liz Kingsman, Loïc Corbery and Laurent Stocker de La Comédie-Française, Gina Cailin, Alma Struve, with the participation of Carole Bouquet ...

Co-produced by ARTE France, A24 and Compagnie des Phares et Balises Films
Broadcaster: ARTE
Distribution: A24

© Cie des Phares & Balises, 2023


Deauville Amercian Film Festival (2023)