Directed by Orso Miret

Running Time: 90'

/ Format: HD

/ Available versions: FR | EN

A group of old friends meet at Max and Lucie’s house to celebrate her 45th birthday. When they arrive, the 3 guests discover Max kneeling in front of his wife’s body, who has been murdered. He is certain that the police will accuse him. Everything points to him. His friends, convinced of his innocence, decide to give him an alibi. But the police are investigating and suspicions are growing...

How are they going to live with this lie, with this alibi?

Directed by Orso Miret
Written by Emmanuel Mauro and Laurent Roggero
Produced by Iris Strauss
With Pascal Demolon, Anne-Lise Hesme, Yannick Choirat, Grégori Dérengère, Sara Martins, Aurélia Petit, Mickael Cohen…

Produced by CPB Films, France Télévisions, 13 Prods, Be-FILMS
French broadcaster: France 2
International sales: CLPB Rights