Frédéric Lenoir tells us about five different ways to live the sacred, in their current and historical, spiritual and cultural dimensions. Five unique paths for those who have chosen to experience it daily.
« The Paths of the Sacred » is filming the intimacy of men and women who have chosen to live differently, to privilege being over having, to preserve certain lifestyles respecting nature, to engage in a quest for the absolute, which polarises their existence and gives it meaning.
Who are they? They are the heirs to the most ancient and universal wisdoms and spiritual practices, which we will rediscover through their testimony, and thanks to the approach of their daily experience of the sacred.


Part 1: Those who connect with nature… the sacred through the invisible forces of nature
Part 2: Those who isolate themselves from the world… the sacred in the silent quest for the divine
Part 3: Those who meditate… the sacred by the quest for wisdom
Part 4: Those who serve others… the sacred in compassion and mutual assistance
Part 5: Those who walk… the sacred on the paths of pilgrimage

Written and co-directed by Frédéric Lenoir
Co-directed by Bruno-Victor Pugebet