In the four corners of the world, on all the continents, this documentary collection invites you to discover our world's sacred legacies

Everywhere, throughout all epochs and civilisations, human beings have experienced and expressed the sacred, thus questioning the mystery and the enigma of human existence. Compared to other animal species, we have this strange uniqueness: that of wanting to give an ultimate meaning to existence and to enter into a relationship with invisible forces or entities. From this experience and from the fundamental quest for what we call "the sacred", all the religious and spiritual traditions of humanity have developed throughout history.

Since the origins of humanity, human beings seek to live this experience of the sacred in privileged places: caves, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes etc. Sometimes they sacralise a place based on the perceived "energies", and raise symbolic constructions (megaliths, temples, statues). Often journeys or pilgrimages are organised to these High Places.

In this collection "The Sacred Paths" we will discover both the universality and the diversity of these internal quests, through exceptional and inspiring places, and thanks to encounters with people who give testimony of their own experience.

5 episodes, 5 ways to live the sacred

Episode 1: Those who connect to nature and its spirit
Episode 2: Those who isolate themselves from the world
Episode 3: Those who look for wisdom
Episode 4: Those who see the sacred in others
Episode 5: Those who wander

Written and co-directed by Frédéric Lenoir
Co-directed by Frédéric Lenoir & Bruno-Victor Pugebet

French broadcaster: Arte France
Co-producers: Les protagonistes, Camera lucida productions