The name Leonardo da Vinci generates much excitement. Recently, a Salvator Mundi attributed to him was sold for a record-breaking 450.3 million dollars. Today, Leonardo is believed to have painted no less than 15 works and 3 frescoes, in addition to producing 17,000 pages, drawings and studies.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, this documentary propose to apprehend Leonardo’s art jointly of his technical and scientific research. The engineer and man of science cannot be fully appreciated without taking into account the fact he was first and foremost an artist with an incredible sense of observation and drawing.

To decipher the da Vinci mystery, we will embark upon a lengthy journey in da Vinci’s footsteps from the village where he was born to Clos Lucé, his last home, passing through the places he frequented in Florence, Milan…  

Leonardo’s own writings, drawings, sketches, paintings will answer the various questions raised. We will reveal his vision and perspective, as his own eye guides us, thanks to astonishing visual effects matching those of the best sci-fi films.

Written by Serge Bramly
Directed by David Perrier and David Danesi

Producer: Camera lucida productions
Coproducer: Digital District
Distribution: CPB International Sales