A web-documentary series inviting viewers to undergo a fully immersive experience, delving into the very heart of Santa Muerte cult practices and culminating in the magic moments that mark the Day of the Dead pilgrimage.


In the meandering streets of the central barrio, Tepito - a haven for traffickers and the black market, where the cult is the most celebrated - we follow the parallel stories of 5 characters who will each make an offering to the holy saint as a request for her help in a situation involving money, protection of their home, a love story, prison release, or the fear of returning there, addictions, etc. Each request corresponds to a different colour of the clothing of the statuette they carry during the pilgrimage.


Throughout the episodes, we accompany our main characters as they go about their daily activities, before, during and after the offering. We discover where and how they live, their family situations, their social milieu and their relationship with Santa Muerte.


Alongside them, we experience the Day of the Dead procession, a time of public fervour where hope and despair intermingle, and where the itineraries of our protagonists converge.





Director: Pierre-Paul Puljiz
Written by Déborah Chiarella and Andres Peyrot
Image & editing: Andres Peyrot
Coproduced by Francetv nouvelles écritures et MDAM et Tamara Films
International sales: CPB International