Charlotte Marat, a police captain who has just arrived from Paris, is watching the last parade in the Johannine celebrations. Suddenly the young girl playing the historical figure of Joan of Arc collapses to the ground, struck right in her heart by an arrow. The comparison is quickly made between this murder and Joan of Arc’s wound during the battle to liberate Orleans in 1429… With the help of her son-in-law, Captain Philippe Cransac, a medieval history enthusiast, she starts investigating…

Scenario: Virginie Peignien, Lionel Pasquier et Jean-Marc Seban
Director : Jean-Marc Seban
With Michèle Bernier, David Kammenos, Jean-Pierre Michael, Axelle Dodier, Philippe Du Janeran, Perkins Lyautey, Thomas Silberstein…
Produced by Jean Labib & Eddy Charbit.

Collection "Murder in..." for France 3
A coproduction CPB Films (Cie des Phares & Balises), ALV Productions.
With the support of France Télévisions - France 3, Be-Films et la RTBF
International sales: AB International