Compagnie des Phares et Balises (CPB Films), an independent ­production and distribution company, was founded in 1992 by Jean ­Labib and T. Celal. The company first made its reputation producing historical ­documentaries and portraits of major 20th century artists, while ­diversifying with ­themes such as society, science and environment, geopolitics and ­discovery. The catalogue today includes more than 500 hours of documentary ­programmes. 


In 2008 the company opened a Fiction and Cinema Department, ­directed ­today by Marco Cherqui (A Prophet, Kabul Kitchen…). The department ­develops and produces mini-series, series and dramas for the main French broadcasters (Canal+, France Televisions, Arte and M6) as well as cinema feature films. 


CPB Films productions are regularly applauded for their creativity and ­exigency, and have distinguished themselves in major French and international ­festivals. The company received the PROCIREP award for Best French Television ­Producer of 2017, in the Documentary Category. 


Wishing to accompany their films through the entire exploitation cycle, in 2004 CPB Films created an international sales department, CLPB Rights. CLPB Rights handles the distribution of fiction and documentary catalogues, as well as the ­acquisition of external productions. 


Since 2017 CPB Films have joined with Camera lucida productions to form the CLPB Media, co-directed by François Bertrand, Jean Labib and Irad Sachs. This umbrella group brings together three production companies: CPB Films, Camera lucida productions and Lucid Realities Studio, producer of VR/AR/360°. 


So far only curiosity and desire guide production choices.